Lou Sauzedde’s ORCA Build Has Begun

This is the start of the project we have all been waiting for: building the ORCA! Lou Sauzedde from Tips from a Shipwright has started the build of a full size replica of the boat, Orca, from the movie JAWS.  Tune in to today’s video of the week as Lou begins to assemble the center-line of Orca.  

You can always count on the one and only Lou for an open source of high quality videos for classic wooden boat builders and sailing enthusiasts.  And, if you have been following Lou’s channel over the years, you may already know about his next project- building ORCA!  Orca is going to be his biggest project yet.  The entire construction will be filmed and shown in his weekly video series.  The boat that was used for Orca in the film was originally a NOVI or Nova Scotia lobster boat, a boat that Lou has always been interested in building!  If you want to see more about the Orca build up to this point, watch the full series on YouTube! 

In this week’s episode, Lou is assembling the center-line which is composed of the keel, forefoot and stem.  All the lumber used is quarter sawn 6”x6” white oak, making it incredibly strong which is what will be needed, especially below the water line.  Watch as Lou preps the timber then connects and creates the scarf join between the front of the keel and forefoot.  And there are plenty of upcoming videos that Lou will share with us all on epoxy and paint tips along the way too.  Even though there is still so much to be done, the vision and excitement of Orca is already coming to life.

This build is really going to be something you won’t want to miss as Lou will continue to share his innovative tips and tricks with us along the way.  Be sure to like the video, comment below and subscribe to Lou’s YouTube channel now to follow along with the Orca build! Thanks for watching!


Hi how’s she looking ?

Michael Sterling

Hi – Is Lou ok? When will ORCA videos be posted again after Episode 11?

Mike Bruno

When to resu me?

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