Lou’s V-Bottom Skiff: Time to Prime the Hull

Our favorite shipwright, Louis Sauzedde, is back in the shop after a short vacation and is ready to put the final touches on his V-Bottom Skiff build as featured on his YouTube channel, Tips from a Shipwright. In this week’s episode, Lou carves out the lodging knees, inwales and caps then preps and primes the hull with our Premium Marine Topside Primer.

To prepare for the Topside Primer, Lou first sands the final coat of TotalProtect Barrier Coat using his dustless suction system that he invented for his shop vac that keeps all the dust away while he creates a smooth surface for the next coat of primer.

He decides to go with our Topside Primer because it will hide any imperfections and it dries fast to create a filled, fair surface that is easy to sand. After mixing it in the can with a stir stick, he thins the primer with our TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100. When brushing or rolling, you can thin this primer 5-10% for it to go on thinner, cover more area, and dry faster. Lou then primes the entire hull of his boat using a solvent resistant foam roller. You can see in the video, he only needs one coat of this primer to get excellent coverage, and once it is dry, Lou will be going in with our Wet Edge Topside Paint to complete the paint job on this beautiful boat build!

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