Lou’s Sticky Tip: Extending the Working Time of Epoxy

Lou is no novice when it comes to using epoxy resin, and as such he has some great advice for making epoxy use easier. Besides offering great tips on using our TotalBoat calibrated pumps, Lou also explains thickening epoxy and a novel way to extend the working time of your mixed epoxy. As Lou is using the thickened epoxy for scarfing planks on his Alden schooner, he needs an easy application method that won’t push the epoxy to kick faster. Tune in to today’s Tips That Stick with Lou and learn from the master, himself.

Louis is building a bunch of boats these days and Evelyn is quite a build to behold. With her HDPE frames that Lou has the ultimate faith in and her double planked hull, Evelyn will be a beautiful sailing yacht that will be solid and seaworthy for years to come. Check out the build on their channel at Bristol Shipwrights and pay them a visit on Patreon, too.

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