The Great Lobster Boat Refit with Peter Sripol


When YouTuber Peter Sripol needed help hacking apart his “new” boat so it can launch submarines and hoist heavy objects and lots more - we knew we needed to help! TotalBoat has the team and products to make this major refit a success, and we were excited to be a part of it.

The ‘new’ boat is a 31 BHM Downeast Lobster Boat, and his goal is to turn it into a “Science Boat” for his YouTube channel. The best part? He’s been working on this refit right here at TotalBoat HQ!

We’ve been documenting his journey over on Instagram and our YouTube Shorts, but today we want to highlight his recent YouTube video where he replaces the old diesel engine in the lobster boat with a shiny (expensive) new Cummins diesel engine.

From gluing in the Baltek Airex Boards for the windows using our reliable Thixo Fast Thickened Epoxy, to tackling the bilge with TotalBilge paint, to fiberglassing the underside of the decks using High Performance Epoxy, Peter has made significant progress in turning the old lobster boat in to something special.

Despite feeling like he’s bit off more than he can chew- Peter continues to push ahead as he gets ready to tackle the most expensive purchase for this refit yet- a Cummins engine.

The video starts off with him working on the deck- replacing some old water damaged stringers with new douglas fir and prepping some composite boards by fiberglassing one side with High Performance Epoxy.


Next, Peter tackles refinishing the old fuel tanks by grinding all the corrosion off and doing a layer of epoxy and fiberglass - and finishing it over with a layer of TotalProtect to help keep corrosion off the metal tank. The epoxy in TotalProtect will do a lot of work to protect the tank from future degradation from the saltwater and other bilge oils and greases.

 With the new fuel tanks under the deck, Peter then glues the deck boards on top with Thixo Fast, and covers them up with 1708 fiberglass and another layer of epoxy. The deck nears completion as he then puts on a coat of TotalProtect as a primer to prepare for a future layer of TotalTread.

To see what happens next in the mission to totally repower this boat, from removing the propeller, unveiling the new engine, and removing the old one, you’ll have to watch the full video!

Make sure to give Peter a follow on his YouTube and his Instagram to continue getting updates on this outlandish refit project.


As Kurt points out, if you lead with the small jaw, you do not spread you wrench jaws.


When removing the large nuts from the prop shaft, you were using the pipe wrench backwards!


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