Jamestown Distributors Gives a Helping Hand for Hurricane Victims

Jamestown Distributors and TotalBoat are pleased to be aligning ourselves with some well positioned industry leaders to lend a hand to those in need of rebuilding materials and supplies in the wake of Irma, Maria and let’s throw Jose in there, too. These three jerks have really messed up life for the Caribbean Islands who were coming into their busy travel season after the fall – and, well, after hurricane season is over. Typically most yachts who travel south for the winter are required to do so After November 1, the official end of the season. This is, as you may have guessed, required by the insurance companies who carry these yacht policies. And it makes sense. Have a look around Newport Shipyard these days. It’s packed to the gills with yachts biding their time, polishing, painting and prepping for the season south. And many are leaving room in their own shipping containers to deliver much needed support to the islands they plan to visit. 

Jamestown Distributors has teamed up with US Sailing and Bristol Marine/ Newport Shipyard and J Goodison Shipyard to participate in the donation of much needed goods to help with the rebuilding of these stricken islands. US Sailing has compiled a handy list of ways to help out and we are pleased to be able to join with Ronstan, Marlow Ropes and Zim Sailboats to also offer stricken boating and sailing programs a discount or donation on some of the materials needed to restructure and get up and running again. This is not to say we feel the boats and boating programs should be rebuilt before homes and schools and basic infrastructure, but boating brings tourism and both are considered the major feeders of the tourism industry which needs to get going for the people of these islands to work and thrive again.  Please forward this offer to affected outfits you know of who may benefit.

Bristol Marine, Newport Shipyard and J Goodison Co. are preparing a container donated by Goodison to fill with needed supplies and bring south to Antigua and Barbuda. (for distribution in the decimated island of Barbuda). Jamestown Distributors will donate building supplies to help with the effort to get up and running again.

Do you want to make a donation to help? Money is the best way since the distribution and clearance of these donated items are a big job in and of itself. Check out the links on the US Sailing Storm Resources webpage for the best ways to get your help in the right hands and we will follow up as we prepare our donations for the container.

We all know what peace and happiness boating can bring to people and for many it goes beyond that and is a livelihood that has been challenged by post hurricane conditions. We can all pitch in and help out in some way, and every effort and penny is appreciated more than we will ever know.

Packed docks in Newport awaiting the end of hurricane season to head south for the winter months.

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