Jackman Works: The Perfect DIY Adirondack Chair

TotalBoat Ambassador Paul Jackman is determined to share his clever – maybe even revolutionary – woodworking designs and plans with the world. If he’s not collecting pallets to upcycle into woodworking masterpieces, you can count on him using some cool wood he salvaged to make something useful. Kind of like the Epoxy Resin Screwdriver that he made that is, of course, totally necessary to own. This Adirondack Chair has several cool features, from the multi-use footstool that is a proprietary Jackman creation (patent pending), to the rock-solid Halcyon varnish finish that he applied to the Western Red Cedar.  A first sealer coat of Penetrating Epoxy ensures that this Adirondack chair will outlive Paul and most of us, so sit back and enjoy today’s video of the week!

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