Jackman’s Next Expliot: Making a Giant Wooden Hammer

As a follow up to last week’s Wavy Vase made by TotalBoat Ambassador, Paul Jackman, we wanted to share this other amazing oversized project that Paul “pulled off.” The Jackman Hammer is an astounding 90 pounds of wooden (and epoxy resin and varnish) awesomeness that Paul created as an addition to his line of Jackmansized tools. Last week we shared his Wavy Vase video and this just goes on to prove that he truly is as insane as he is talented – not only at woodworking but also at making engaging videos.  Paul used lots of TotalBoat products to pull this project off, from epoxy he used to fill a large void and then again to coat the “leather” handle, and Halcyon Marine Varnish is the topcoat that protects this beauty from swings and slams to come. Check out how Paul accomplishes this massive undertaking that is as amusing as it’s size. Enjoy!

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