Hydrofoiling Technology | Learning to Fly with Waterlust

Team Waterlust seems ready to try just about anything. Of course we love it when they turn their tools to some fine boatbuilding (as they did this past spring), or, in this case, foil building. Their disclaimer to “Definitely try this at home,” is encouraging for those of us who want to try a little fiberglass work and installing a foil into a standard kite/ sail or surf board might just be the best backyard boatshop project we’ve seen in awhile. We tend to always favor the projects that might seem intimidating, but when the reward (flying over the water) far outweighs the sweat and the learning curve, then we say – as they do – go for it!

The Lou Sauzedde skiff building series has convinced us that our customers are not afraid to be challenged by boat building that might ordinarily be outside your current skillset. Comments made on his video series indicate you are inspired by challenges, but are mindful of what’s required to get the job done right. It comes down to more than the tools at your workbench – it’s also about the journey of making mistakes, learning and then just going for it.

The Waterlust crew is a self-acknowledged group of foiling addicts, right down to the few of them who are just learning. They are also marine science geeks, which ties nicely into the WHY and HOW behind the foiling phenomenon going on around the waterfront recently. We love that they use their video skills to get into the backstory on why we should foil and how we can accomplish this. The kit they got from GOFoil looks like a fairly straightforward job, and with some fiberglass repair knowledge, the right tools and epoxy (See 1:27!) it can be done. At home! In your yard or workshop. So why not try to foil by taking an extra board you might have lying around and modify it? Then take to our YouTube channel for video instructions on how to get the job done. As always, we are here to help you every step of the way.

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