Henry Red with the Sea Dreamer Project: Planking Wooden Trawler

It must be planking season because many of the backyard boatbuilders are doing the planking thing these days. Scott, who is building a trawler in his upstate NY boatshed, is finally to the point where he is attaching the first layers of white oak planking. It’s not the last of his planking layers – he’ll add 2 more layers of 3/8″ plywood on top and finally, he’ll coat that with epoxy and fiberglass. He’s also busy making templates for the tanks for water and fuel. The tanks are being carefully constructed and will be fit into place using the templates Scott has made. Templates are a great way to get precise fits just right – especially in tight quarters where these important tanks will reside. Climb aboard for some boatbuilding with the Sea Dreamer Project!

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