Framing the Forward Cabin with the Sea Dreamer Project

Scott from Six Points WoodWorks is working on the forward cabin framing on his 41-foot wooden trawler that he is currently building in his backyard boatshed. A few years ago, he had a viewer donate some bronze fasteners which he decided to make the feature of today’s episode, using them in the deck structure where they could still be seen and appreciated. Boatbuilder Scott Smith is making good progress, similar to many of the other builders who, like Scott, have mostly finished planking and moved to the interior and deck structures.

After some cleanup and restoration of the tarnished bronze hardware, Scott is ready to get on with the build. Using our TotalBoat High Performance epoxy resin and hardener, Scott saturates and seals his wood before attaching the deck beams permanently. Once the first beam is installed, Scott uses more epoxy to make a fillet where another beam sisters the first, and again, he used Thixo and a sealer coat of epoxy to bond the two. He adds some clamps afterward to hold the beam in place while the Thixo dries.

Once the Thixo has cured, Scott removes the clamps and moves on to installing the cross beams, or deck carlins. He is doing some measuring and planning for the next deck beam and carlin installations, but that will have to wait until the next episode from Scott and Henry Red. Stay tuned!

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