First Coats of Paint on MJ Sailing’s Catamaran Build!

We are back in the boat shop with Matt and Jessica of YouTube channel, MJ Sailing, for an exciting update! This sailing couple has been working hard for the past year on building a catamaran from the ground up! After months of fiberglassing, fairing and sanding, Jessica gets the first coat of TotalBilge Epoxy Paint on their Max Cruise 42.

If you’re still not following this dynamic sailing duo, here is what you missed! Matt and Jessica gave up “The American Dream” ten years ago to fulfill their dreams of exploring the world. After circumnavigating the North Atlantic in the last boat, a 1989 Sabre Targa 34, they took on a 2-year complete refit of a custom aluminum 37′ Monohull. They sailed her to the Arctic before they sold that boat and are now taking on their biggest project to date: Building a 42ft Catamaran from the ground up!

Jessica has been working hard for a while under the forward bunk area. As she is new to boat building, she wanted to use this area initially to practice and perfect the trade of fairing. This was the best spot for her to learn the skill through trial and error before heading to other areas, like the cabinets. After mixing the one-part epoxy paint, Jessica transfers it to a smaller mixing cup for easy travel to the forward berth. Now the exciting part; rolling the FIRST coat of paint ever on their catamaran build using a 4” foam roller. She plans on doing three thin coats, but even after the first coat, Jessica is extremely happy with the coverage!

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! After all their hard work to date, it truly is refreshing to see the results with a clean bright white coat of paint on their boat. And, in this weeks episode, not only did Matt and Jessica make fantastic progress on the boat, they had a special guest visitor: Captain James from Sailing Zingaro! James had expressed his interest in boat building so he stopped by to say hi while Matt and Jessica give him a grand tour of their build! Be sure to give the video a like and comment, and be sure to subscribe to their channel to watch the rest of their boat building adventure and dreams of sailing the world become a reality! Thanks for watching!

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