Finishing a Plywood Boat in 5 Days

Boaters, boat builders, and craftsmen, both skilled and unskilled alike, had a great appreciation for the seemingly impossible 5-Day boat build that we shared with you last week. (check out the comments in the post!) This week is the big reveal as the dynamic duo of Michael Alm and Jason Hibbs have succeeded with their mission to hack together a plywood cocktail racer. With the right tools and plenty of Thixo on hand, the team winged it and skipped the always-daunting lofting, table of offsets, and precision measuring that are the hardest first steps of most builds. More in line with our friend Louis Sauzedde, the team adopts the “overhang and cut” method that ensures every curve and cut is a near-perfect fit. And in the end, they too have built themselves something to be proud of.

Critical to the success of this build was the easy dispensing, quick-drying, and zero mixing time of Thixo Fast. Its easy-to-use mixing tips saved the team’s hours of measuring and mixing epoxy which might have sunk this build. Lust Varnish was the next hero, allowing Jason and Michael to apply 5 coats of the rapid-coat varnish in one day and get to boating. Once launched, the team discovers their hack built not only floats, but she goes, too! She is not the speedy cocktail racer that they might have achieved with a “proper design” but for two handy woodworkers with almost no boat-building experience (well, Jason did build his awesome life-dream drift boat recently) they succeeded and for certain might be looking to up their game in the future with some more guidance and maybe even plans! Stay tuned!

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