BourbonMoth: Learning To Be a Boatbuilder

It’s ok to laugh at Jason Hibbs, the comical bearded woodworker turned boatbuilder from Oregon. He’s making fun of himself and his lack of nautical know-how as he takes on his first-ever boat build. With a shop full of tools and plans and plywood, Hibbs gets himself well into a drift boat build after only a short time. He first procures some fancy, pre-cut plywood boards, making quick work of scarf joints we’ve all agonized over, and gets right to the sticky stuff, adding a protective layer of High Performance epoxy with the boatbuilder favorite Medium Hardener.

Before we know it, Hibbs has built his frames and is bending the plywood from the stem to the stern, and BOOM, his boat is born. Or at least it’s looking very much like a boat, surprising even Hibbs who’s woodworking skills help him slide his frames into perfect position inside the plywood sides. There’s plenty more on deck with Hibbs as he works through the upcoming steps of attaching the bottom and building in seats, gunwales, and the other fun boat parts. He’s using 5200 to build his frames so us boaters know there’s no going back now! 

Follow along with this comical novice’s first experience with the joys of being a boatbuilder.

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