Magical Makeover: Fiberglassing the Deck on Magic Carpet II

We are back in the boat house with Aladino and Maya from Sailing Magic Carpet. In today’s video, they take on a crucial task in their refit process: fiberglassing the entire deck of their Cape George 36, Magic Carpet II, with High Performance Epoxy

The decks on Magic Carpet II have been a massive ongoing project for the couple, and in today’s featured video, Aladino and Maya are getting all the decks fiberglassed which is a huge milestone for them.  Large jobs like this come with many challenges, one including getting the perfect weather for working with epoxy.  And throughout the video, you see the pair pushing through the obstacles and coming up with clever solutions to get the job done! 

We get to see them work together as a team while Maya mixes the High Performance Epoxy in batches while Aladino wets out the fiberglass on the decks.  Aladino mentions that using the slow hardener really helped when he got to fiberglassing the bow,  as it gave him enough time to wet the area in sections before it started to set.   After fiberglassing was complete, he applied Peel Ply to the surface which will protect the fiberglass for the next couple weeks when they will need to walk on the decks.  This will also help create a smooth surface and will require less sanding. 

The episode ends with Maya and Aladino admiring their handiwork.  The decks look fantastic, and they are pleased with the results of their hard work.  They note that fiberglassing the deck was a challenging process, but one that was well worth it.  Overall, this episode is an excellent example of the hard work and dedication that goes into refitting a sailboat. Maya and Aladino are inspiring in their passion for sailing, and it’s clear that they take great pride in the work they are doing for their future aboard Magic Carpet II.  Be sure to like the video and subscribe to their channel to follow along with their DIY boat projects and sailing adventures.  Thanks for watching! 

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