Episode 15: Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory – Lou Is Back!

He’s back! Lou has been under the weather, but he’s better and we are so glad he’s back and ready to carry on building the TotalBoat Sport Dory. In episode 15, Lou attaches the first garboard plank. The first step is to apply some Totalboat 5:1 Epoxy Resin with the slow hardener to the back of the plank where it touches the bottom and also to the bottom itself where it will touch the garboard plank. Then, Lou puts the plank into position and fastens it into place with screws and some nails and allows it to dry overnight. Once the glue is dried Lou removes the fastenings and can then cut off the excess plank at each end as well as plane down the garboard where it extends beyond the bottom.

Jump back into the Dory building series by re-watching the episodes prior to 15. This playlist puts them all in one place, where you can binge watch and rewind and rewatch as new episodes are added.  Thanks for bearing with us in Lou’s absence. We hope you enjoyed the other great videos we showed you. It gave us great hope to know there are so many motivated homes, DIY builders out there taking on these ambitious projects in their shops. We can all watch and learn from Louis, but only the smallest portion of us will actually attempt to build a boat. And we want you to know it’s not that unachievable. Why not give something challenging like boatbuilding a try? We will be here for you with your products and project support every step of the way.

Enjoy Episode 15! Heeeeere’s LOUIS!!

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