Building the TotalBoat Works Skiff: Fitting the Final Planks & Bottom Painting

Here is the perfect pre-Thanksgiving activity for those of you who will need some time to check out from the politics, the football, and the turkey and just give thanks for Louis Sauzedde! Here, at TotalBoat, we are very thankful for Louis and his seemingly empirical woodworking and boat building knowledge, for his multitude of helpful tips and for his easy, well-spoken manner of teaching.  As we present episode 20 to you today, a few days early as a little Thanksgiving “gift,” it seems like a good time to recap how far we have come with the work skiff by giving you the whole playlist of videos to binge watch on your days off. You’re welcome!

Things are about to really speed up with the skiff project as the bottom gets its initial coat of TotalBoat Spartan Multi-Season Ablative Bottom Paint in this episode. Lou trims and fits the final planks fore and aft with another clever technique for getting the perfect angle for these important boards that complete the skiff’s bottom planking. And with the first coat on the bottom planks, and the screw holes filled and sanded – the boat is ready for a few more touches on the bottom. Lou will add some runners, which will also be painted with Spartan, and then it’s time to flip the boat and get to work on the interior.

Spartan is a great choice for a wooden boat’s bottom paint. With no primer needed on the bottom (as you might expect and is required with fiberglass boats), the first coat soaks right into the planks and will add a nice antifouling finish for the skiff.

Thanks for being a TotalBoat blog follower. We appreciate your readership, your time on our YouTube channel and your comments, sharing and love for Lou. It matters to us, Lou eats it up and for all of this, we are thankful.  Enjoy episode 20 and your long holiday weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Saw you on YouTube with the work skiff build. Loved it. Do you sell the blueprints. Let me know. I’d like to build one. Thanks

Alfonso Ortega

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