Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Steaming The Breast Hook

After selecting the most perfect timber he could scout from a fan’s wooded lot in New York, Lou is ready to cut, shape and steam the large piece of oak. In this episode, Lou once again shows off his eye for knowing the sweet spot for the sheerline. Work skiffs, in particular, require the perfect sheer to match the lift rails. With a skilsaw and a steady hand, Lou gives a quick adjustment to the sheer and then planes it smooth. But what he’s most excited about is the selection of the breast hook timber and his steaming process. He has brought back a few pieces to choose from, and once he shows you which he’s selected, you won’t believe your eyes!

Enjoy Lou’s bonus safety lessons and steaming instructional. Lou is a brave and experienced shipwright and we don’t advise that you use any of these tools or processes without the proper safety precautions and lots of common sense. Consider your comments and concerns for Lou’s safety practices heard. He hears you, too. He just isn’t about to change any of his practices because of it. But his experience is rare and his confidence and competence is high. He’s Louis Sauzedde, after all.

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