Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Painting the Topsides With Wet Edge

With a bunch of coats of 2-Part Epoxy Primer rolled onto the work skiff, Lou is anxious to now roll topside paint over the primer. But not before he does a little more finish work to the cap rails – rounding the forward corners and showing us how they can be used as a chock. It’s all part of Lou’s master design. He’s also proud of the spot on the stem head where he attaches a painter to be used as a bow line. Lou even sneaks in a lesson on how to tie a bowline a few different ways – extra Tips from the shipwright at no added charge for you! And then more painting – because no one can ever seem to get enough instruction on how to paint the topsides of a boat. Lou cracks open a can of our new TotalBoat Wet Edge Cold Cure – a perfect solution for his chilly shop and a paint job that, like most, just can’t wait for a warm, sunny day.

Lou, Halsey the filmmaker and the TotalBoat Work Skiff will be at the Jamestown Distributors annual Tent Sale on April 22nd. Come by and see the skiff for yourself and meet Lou. Lou loves to answer viewer questions and to meet his fans. So come check out the skiff, some great deals and much more on 4/22.

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