Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory Episode 17: Broadstrake Planks

Lou is back this week and is ready to glue up the bottom of our TotalBoat Sport Dory. But first, he has to create two broadstrake planks, one for each side.  This is the next plank up from the garboard, or next plank down as the boat is being built upside down.  In order to make this plank, he needs to pattern the edge of the garboard plank above it and then take that pattern over to his stock material and transfer that edge.  While the plank is on the bench, Lou is also going to roughly plane down the next edge of the broadstrake just to take some material off and make the plank more pliable when bending it around the mold.

Before we can bring the pieces back to the boat Lou is going to electric plane down a scarf on both ends where they meet in the middle. Once both of our broadstrake pieces are ready we are going to glue them together with TotalBoat 2:1 High Performance Epoxy, on the boat. This makes sure we get the angle or relativity between the two exactly right, something that would be extremely difficult to do on the bench.  We now have both layers of the bottom, both layers of garboard planks and both broadstrakes made and fit into position and we can begin gluing our bottom together. Tune in and check out Lou’s next steps in the Dory build.

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