Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory Episode 16: The Bottom

It’s time to put the bottom of TotalBoat Sport Dory together, but before Lou can do that, he has to get everything set up properly. The idea is that he’s going to layup everything at once, the two layers of bottom with the carbon fiber in between. You’ll remember Lou had glued the second bottom layer together some time ago and he’s brought that back into position and placed it on top of the first layer of bottom. The garboard planks are attached and he’s traced a line around the bottom with a pencil. Then, Lou takes that second layer over the to the band-saw and cuts it out around those lines. Then Lou takes that piece back over to our dory and puts it into just the right position so it can be tacked and weighted down so the edges can be planed down to the same bevel as the garboard plank.

Then, Lou is on his way to the warehouse back here at Jamestown Distributors to get carbon fiber and begin laying up the dory’s bottom!

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