Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 14 – Plastic Frames

This a big moment in the TotalBoat Sport Dory build, because in this weeks episode Lou will be gluing the plastic frames into the first layer of bottom. The frames are made of UHMW plastic, which is very strong, but still bendable. Watch Lou’s latest in Episode 14 as the Dory starts to come together and Lou walks us through the first steps of creating plastic frames, something he knows is unconventional in technique, but is forward-thinking in performance. 

In order to set things up properly, Lou needs to first tape off the frame slots in the mold. For this he uses packing tape so the epoxy won’t stick to it and it’s very easy to remove later. The next step is to put a frame in each slot and cut it off flush at the top of the mold. This gives each frame the proper angle at the top, or bottom of the boat as it were, where the frames set into the bottom.  With our slots and frames ready its time to mix up some TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy and set our bottom and frames in place.  Lou takes the time to poke some small holes in both the bottom slots and the frames where they meet so they will fit tightly and give the glue more to hold onto. Lou can then spread some epoxy in the slots and on the ends of the frames and place each one into position.  We have also added some additional stringers on the outside to help train the plastic frames in place as they dry.

Watch episodes 1-14 in the playlist we have created, so you can all binge watch, catch up, or just relive all the glory that is Lou and Tips from A Shipwright.

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