Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 12 – The Stem

We’re back with some holiday cheer for you in the way of some Louis Sauzedde that we are certain you’ve been missing. Step back into the Open Door Boatshop and watch as Lou gets ready to install the stem on our TotalBoat Sport Dory. You’ll remember a few weeks back, Lou steamed the first stem piece and we’ll show you how that turned out. But now it’s time to install the stem and get it ready for planking. In order to do that, Lou shows us how he planes the stem down on both sides and continually checks the bevels to make sure its ready to accept the planking.

Lou then preps the mold by removing the first layer of bottom, which isn’t necessary at the moment, and then he covers it with packaging tape so no epoxy will stick to the mold. The next thing to do is get out some pieces to make the second layer of bottom. Once Lou identifies some acceptable pieces and does a quick dry fitting on the boat, he’s going to take and edge, rip, saw and then plane the boards down to equal thickness so they will lay down nicely next to each other on the mold. Lou then glues the pieces together with TotalBoat 2:1 High Performance Epoxy on the mold, and bingo! There is your second layer of bottom! Now we’re ready to get some carbon fiber and put our entire bottom together, stay tuned for more episodes – it’s all coming together!

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