Building and Attaching a Surfboard Fin With Thixo Pro 2:1 Epoxy

The last step of the surfboard build was to create a sturdy fin which, unlike many other fins which can be removed, would be permanently attached to the board. This meant that the fin needed to be sturdy and have a strong attachment, but not so strong that it could potentially compromise the actual board if it became stressed. In fact, Martha bonded it to the board with Thixo Pro 2:1 Epoxy System and some nice fillets, but kept the attachment lightweight so that the fin would snap off rather than that area of the board.

In keeping with her theme of creating a beautiful wooden, hand built surfboard, Martha collected scraps of cool wood around the TotalBoat Workshop and crafted her own fin design. By gluing the pieces together and then laying fiberglass and epoxy over the fin, she created a beautiful appendage for her board.

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