A New Season Begins: Bottom Painting with Vet Tails

We’re thrilled to welcome Vet Tails’ Sailing Chuffed to the blog this week! Vet Tails is where sailing meets veterinary care, and adventure blends with compassion. In their latest episode, Dr. Sheddy and Jim dive into the heart of preparation as they get their beloved vessel, Chuffed, ready for another season of exploration and animal welfare initiatives. Read on to learn more about their mission and recap the painting of Chuffed's bottom, ensuring she's primed for the challenges and adventures ahead. 

Setting Sail for a Cause

Before we discuss the necessary boat maintenance, let's take a moment to reflect on the purpose driving Vet Tail’s endeavors. This coming year promises exciting projects, including an animal welfare initiative sponsored by generous patrons and supported by SV Delos. The mission takes them to Bahia Concepcion, where they’ll assess local wildlife's health and collaborate with volunteer clinics to make a difference.

Returning to Chuffed

After a hiatus spent reconnecting with loved ones and tending to business on dry land, they are thrilled to reunite with Chuffed. Despite enduring a sandstorm and hurricane, Chuffed has weathered the challenges admirably. Now, it's time to roll up their sleeves and get to work!

A Fresh Coat for a New Season

The primary restoration that needed to happen was to give Chuffed a fresh bottom paint job. After learning about Vet Tails, we were eager to help and equipped them with Alumipaint AF Aluminum Antifouling Paint, specially formulated for aluminum hulls like theirs. Armed with sandpaper and determination, they set out to prepare the surface for painting, eager to see the transformative effect of a new coat.

The sanding process included dealing with remnants of the previous antifoul and stubborn growths clinging to the hull. Despite the challenges of sanding, it’s a mandatory step for any painting prep, and is always fueled by the prospect of a smooth finale! After two days of sanding, they wiped Chuffed down with a little bit of thinner to get the dust off and were ready to move on to painting.

Embracing the Painting Process

With the surface prepped and the paint ready, they applied the first coat of Alumipaint AF Aluminum Antifouling Paint. They opted to start with two coats and do a spot treatment as a third coat but ultimately decided to do three full coats. Despite the physical toll (hello sore arms!), the sight of Chuffed's gleaming hull filled them with pride.

As Dr. Sheddy and Jim wrapped up the painting process, they reminded us of the collective effort and support that propels people forward. From patrons to sponsors and viewers, each individual plays a vital role in their mission to sail, save, and make a difference. With Chuffed primed and ready, they can now set their sights on the horizon and embark on another season of adventure and compassion.

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