Boatworks Today: Fiberglassing the Hatches

You watched Andy Miller of Boatworks Today, construct his deck hatches in the last few episodes of Boatworks Today. In this latest installment, Andy fiberglasses the hatches he constructed using a laminate core material, called Coosa – or Airex Board. Using Laminating Resin and Gelcoat with wax, Andy applied multiple layers of 1708 fiberglass to the boards and carefully cuts and shapes them for a perfect fit.   Taking a page from our friend and fellow YouTuber, Jimmy Diresta, Andy sped up his repetitive footage of cutting, laminating, and cutting the pieces. He points out the important nuances of the project – and does it in record time. The pace has been set for 2020 boat work – can you keep up with Andy?  Let us know in the comments below!

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