Boatworks Today: Andy Miller’s Tips for Fairing Boat Bottoms

Andy Miller is refinishing a little sailboat that is ultimately in need of some paint, but not before a decent amount of fairing work on her underside! Using gelcoat as a filler first, then cleaning with DeWaxer followed by TotalFair, Andy explains the specific uses for gelcoat with wax as a curing layer, and then why you shouldn’t use gelcoat later over TotalFair. It’s a question we get a lot, and Andy, as usual, makes it sound easy. If your end goal is to paint your boat, then this video will help you understand how to make a bunch of important steps and helpful products work together the way they were intended.

Boatworks Today continues to help us provide great customer support with practical how-to videos that answer so many of the common questions and errors that we hear too often. Using products that have additives that either help or prevent curing – to help another layer or product bond – can be tricky and disastrous if not done right. Andy is always providing great product advice and project support and we know you love his videos, too. Let Andy know in the comments about what kind of videos you find most helpful.

Thanks for watching!

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