Boat Work with Sailing SV Delos

Brian, Kazza and Sierra of YouTube Channel, Sailing SV Delos, finished a 3,000+ mile journey from the Panama Canal up through the Sea of Cortez on their boat, Delos, a 53’ Amel Super Maramu 2000.  As the crew prepares for their next adventure to cross the Pacific Ocean, they are currently hauled out in Mexico with an ambitious list of boat projects and only two weeks to get them done. Luckily, Brian has the help of his friend and “Chief Fixer Upper”, Ryan, to tackle the list much quicker and keep the motivation going! 

Brian and Ryan head to the boatyard  to start the first of many jobs.  They begin to sand and inspect Delos’ bottom.  Brian noticed a bubble on the keel, so he scraped and sanded it down.  Instead of going into the area with a fairing compound, he filled it with our Thixo Fast Epoxy Adhesive because it only needed to be filled about 1/16 ".  It was an easy and efficient alternative to fill and smooth the surface. 

Another job Brian wanted to get done was to install the forward-looking sonar that they’ve had on board for almost two years now.  But in order to do so, he needs to put another thru-hull in the bottom of the boat.  He decides to put it on the opposite side of the thru-hull for the depth/speed/temperature sensor.   The forward-looking sonar will allow them to look forward into the water column a few boat lengths ahead of Delos in fact, and should help them maneuver into shallower anchorages. 

He first sands the area down to the gelcoat before drilling a hole in the hull of Delos.  He mixes a batch of TotalFair Fairing Compound to use it in a clever way for this project. He put the TotalFair into a mold in order to build a fairing block for the transducer.  Once cured and epoxied to the boat, he was able to drill the hole through the block of TotalFair for the thru-hull and it worked like a charm! Watch the rest of the episode to see this team of two crush more items off the to-do list.  

It was a successful week at the boatyard for Delos and the crew, but the pressure is on to finish the rest of the boat projects before they set sail to cross the Pacific.  Be sure to subscribe to their channel to follow along as this process continues and to stay up to date with all their fun and exciting adventures! Thanks for watching!

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