Boatbuilding With The Sea Dreamer Project

Have you been over to the SeaDreamer Project’s YouTube Channel? Policeman turned Boat Builder, Scott Smith, has been busy building a 41-foot Diesel Duck Trawler for the past two years in his backyard boat shed. As a novice boat builder, Scott has spent these years learning as he goes, finding success and unforeseen challenges, too – and documenting it all on video as he goes. 

Scott’s YouTube Channel has swelled to over 10,000 subscribers who are enjoying his almost weekly videos and the build. JD is proud to support Scott and the SeaDreamer Project’s mission to build a boat that *most* novice handy people could attempt.  We certainly admire the growing swarm of boat builders who are equal parts videographer and boat builder. Both are challenging jobs and require serious skill and time – so to watch 2 years of building the ‘MV Henry Red‘ in just eleven minutes is a nice recap of how a regular guy like Scott Smith has made this boat and video project his full-time job(s).

Happy Holidays! Enjoy some time in Scott’s upstate NY backyard boat shop!

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