Boat Upgrades with Spear It Animal

We recently connected with some new sailing enthusiasts and are excited to welcome them to the blog this week!

Meet Raff and Sasha of Spear it Animal:

‘We met on a tiny island, sailed around the Caribbean for a year, and lived a real life fantasy, HOWEVER, we find ourselves having to restart from the very bottom, on a SINKING SAILBOAT!!! Tune in for weekly videos and watch as we fight against DAILY ODDS and make unrealistic Sacrifices in order to get back to our dream of Sailing Around the World! The faster we can get this boat gutted and rehabbed, the faster we can get back to spearfishing and searching for buried treasure!’

In this week’s featured video, the duo try out some TotalBoat products for the first time. They needed to fix up a doc box they got on Facebook marketplace to store their new compressor and keep it protected.

To start, Sasha took the box apart and vacuumed out the inside. Next, she used TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound to fill in all the holes and rough patches. After the TotalFair cured, they sanded it down smoothly and de-waxed it.

The next step to jazz up the doc box was to use TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer to seal and prime the box. For the first coat, Sasha rolled it on the outside as well as the inside, making sure to cover any exposed fiberglass. After the TotalProtect was dry, she sanded it once more with 400 grit sandpaper to make the surface nice and smooth. From there, she moved on to doing the first coat of Wet Edge Topside Paint, followed by another sanding, and finishing with a second and final coat of Wet Edge.

At this point, Raff jumps in to compliment the amazing job Sasha did renovating the doc box and shows that they deliberately did not do the bottom of the box. This is because they decided to cut off the bottom and adhere the box directly to the boat due to its size.

After some measuring and cutting, they successfully glued down the new doc box complete with drainage holes, and admired how the compressor fit in perfectly.

Raff and Sasha go over a few more interior design projects, finishing off with updating and restoring their ‘beat-up’ wood dining table. They decided to upgrade the table by adding a world map decal on top, but to do this they first had to sand and seal the wood to prep for adhering the decal. The final step, the top coat, is completed with none other than TableTop Epoxy!

Be sure to check out Spear it Animal and follow along their journey of transforming their 50’ Beneteau Cyclades.


Randy is right ! You will loose that box and the compressor if it is not bolted to the deck ;-( Tab the inside of the box to the deck ;-)

Bill Sherman

so cool to see these guys getting out there – enjoying life and getting their hands dirty learning the important parts of boat ownership – maintenance and upgrades! love it. Someday……

kay b

Great job on your dock box install. Speaking as an old guy who has been living on my boat since 1999 and has sailed her 28,000 miles, I would feel a lot better if there were a couple of stout rachet straps secured to eyebolts through the deck with adequate backing plates on the inside holding it on the boat. 5200 is very amazing stuff but speaking from the experience of a three-day force 8 gale in the mid-Atlantic, something as heavy as a dive compressor on the bow will exert a tremendous amount of force on what is holding it in place. Safe voyaging and enjoy the life.

Randy Mims

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