The Building Blocks of Boat Renovation

The Building Blocks of Boat Renovation

With Sailing Magic Carpet


This week we are checking back with Aladino and Maya of Sailing Magic Carpet to see how they are doing on their current refit project of their Cape George 36 sailboat, Magic Carpet II.

‘Suns out, epoxy’s out!’ Aladino opens with, as this week’s video focuses on the first steps to get the exterior of their boat waterproofed, as well as getting parts of the interior primed.

Starting with the cabin top, Aladino begins with two coats of Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer. This step was important because the planks are made from soft, solid, 45 year old Port Orford cedar with many repairs from over the years, and the penetrating epoxy is perfect for helping to restore old wood.

So instead of just varnishing on top of what was already there, this method promises to not only be waterproof, but to really add strength and longevity with layers of protection- with the next layer being a fairing compound. Aladino used TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound for this, and praises the material for its ease of use and ability to let him pay attention to details when it comes to prepping for the future of sanding it down smoothly.

Their goal for Magic Carpet II has been to bring this otherwise old and traditional looking boat into the modern era by using newer materials and techniques, especially on the exterior. At the same time, they are trying to keep the traditional beauty alive within the interior.

So while the fairing compound cures on the cabin top, Aladino moves back to the inside to do some fiberglass and priming work. For this part, Two-Part Marine Epoxy Primer comes in handy to not only aid in corrosion control, but maximize adhesion, improve gloss, and aid in gloss retention for the final surface (this glossy finish can be seen in their most recent video where the interior has since been painted).

Tune in to watch all these tasks unfold as Aladino meticulously and skillfully makes huge progress on Magic Carpet II. Make sure to give Sailing Magic Carpet a like and subscribe to follow along as they continue making progress on their future 'around the world vessel!'

‘Everything is progressing, and things are looking up!’


There are skillful and maybe less skillful ways to fair. Applying FIRST a layer with a sawtooth trowel will leave coarse ‘ridges’ of compound. THIS LAYER can be longboard sanded much more easily AND more accurately as the ridges serve as a visual indicator as you sand down. The followup FILL layer, then, can be very precise, avoiding and extra contouring. Applying only with a flat edged tool is blind at best. Of course, one can always wait until the primer and gloss finish coat are on. Then the gentle undulations of an unfair face will reveal themselves.


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