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Meet Sailing YouTubers, Onboard Lifestyle: Teal, Linh, Emma, and their fur baby, Compass!  The crew have been tackling the list of boat projects for their custom 435 catamaran, SV bāsik.  In today’s featured video, they make big strides by painting the decks with Wet Edge Topside Paint

Before Teal, Linh and Emma embark on their next sailing adventure, they had a laundry list of projects they wanted to finish on bāsik. So, while they’re hulled out at Cabrales Boatyard in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, it’s time to buckle down!  In their previous episode, you can see them prepare the saloon decks for paint by sanding, fairing, and applying two coats of TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer.  In today’s episode, they get to the topcoat. They are going in with Wet Edge Topside Paint in White for a fresh and bright look.  Teal plans on applying a minimum of three coats to ensure a long-lasting finish.  As he is rolling the paint, he compares the Wet Edge to a previous paint used on bāsik, and is impressed with how much better it lays down, saving them time and money!  It also really shows the importance and benefits of doing all the necessary prep work first. 


The rest of the episode, watch as they finish all three coats.  Teal and Linh always have a refreshing approach to doing tedious boat work.  They make the best of any situation while always having fun along the way.  Teal even started making a ball to toss around from all the blue painters tape they have used to get this entire project complete and to see how much tape they have used!  


And just like that, bāsik has a crisp and clean look that will last them years to come as they set sail for new adventures.  Let them know below what you think of bāsik’s makeover and be sure to like and subscribe to Onboard Lifestyle as they publish new episodes each week hoping to inspire DIY boaters and dreamers to follow their dreams!


You guys are awesome, we are just starting out with our first DIY projects, thanks for your videos.

Ford Verdery

Fun video. You guys seem to be having a great life.


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