Boat Bottom Painting Basics With Louis Sauzedde

It’s that time of year for those of us who are not lucky enough to use our boats year round. As you get ready to launch your boat and wonder what to do about that little bit of gelcoat showing on the bottom, or which order to paint all the appendages – then here is a useful video for you direct from the master himself, Louis Sauzedde.  Lou’s video offers some basic tips for the best way to prepare and paint the bottom of your boat. As we have come to know, Lou is always full of some special tips to make the job easier, and when it comes to boat bottom painting, most want all the help they can get to make it a simple and fast job.

Lou applies the manufacturer’s recommended two coats of paint, after a light scuffing and inspection of the prepped bottom. There is an order in which it is best to paint your bottom, so watch and learn from Lou. If you have questions, you can always call our Tech Help Hotline – where our staff is ready to help you pick your paint and get everything you need to get the job done and get the boat afloat!

So get out there, get your respirator and your gloves and get painting!

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