Arabella Gets a New Mizzen Boom!

Welcome back aboard Arabella! 

 A few episodes back on Acorn to Arabella, Arabella’s mizzen boom broke on their trip to Harwich Port, MA.  And, with Robin’s dad's shop just a short distance away, it was the perfect time to head to the lumber yard for some Douglas Fir to make a permanent replacement boom.  Catch up on part one of this build here

Their efforts have involved extensive epoxy priming, sanding, painting and meticulous attention to detail. Fortunately, with the assistance of Don, who works for Robin’s dad, they've been able to tackle these tasks away from the harsh outdoor conditions. In today's video of the week, Steve and Don get the boom finished and ready for future voyages.  

A valuable lesson learned along the way has been the significance of using appropriate products for the job. Steve discovered that TotalBoat's Thixo LV, a low-viscosity epoxy adhesive, would have been more suitable for repairing cracks in the original boom. This revelation prompted them to embrace new tools and techniques, enhancing their workflow and elevating the quality of their craftsmanship. 

Steve started by wiping down the boom with Epoxy Primer Thinner 200 to remove dust and oils, readying it for the next steps. Next, he applied TotalProtect, a two-part epoxy primer coat, using a roller. Steve explained that this primer coat served as a base layer, ensuring a durable foundation for the subsequent layers of paint.  One of the remarkable features of the epoxy paint used was its ability to allow for hot coating. This meant that as soon as the first layer of paint had partially cured, they could apply the next layer without waiting for a complete cure. This allowed him to build up multiple coats quickly and efficiently.

Once the primer was cured, they lightly sanded the surface and went in with three coats of Wet Edge Topside Paint.  Fortunately, the assistance provided by Don in applying the topside paint was invaluable. Don's support allowed them to advance with the project even when Steve needed to return to Granby to assist his mother, a testament to the collaborative spirit of their endeavor.

Looking ahead, they anticipate mounting bronze hardware on the boom and preparing for its reinstallation on Arabella. With the current freezing temperatures, they eagerly await the opportunity to resume work under more favorable, warmer conditions.

As they continue breathing new life into Arabella, the crew remains grateful for each moment spent on the restoration journey. They look forward to the adventures that await them on the open water, and they invite their audience to stay tuned for further updates on their progress. Join them on this remarkable voyage as they embark on new challenges and celebrate the beauty of Arabella's transformation.

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I am curious as to why Steve did not simply glue the original mast together in effect making a scarf joint that would be at least as strong as the original.
I have a similar situation on a much larger boom on my wooden catboat. The fracture is 5’ long. I finished out the season using a few large hose clamps and some line to keep it together and all was fine.


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