Andy Miller’s Lesson in Thickening Epoxy Resin

It’s great to be back inside Andy Miller’s boat shop where he is filming his Boatworks Today video series. Andy is still working on his Bertram Moppie rehab, and this episode finds Andy at the transom again, working through a repair that didn’t go quite as expected. He teaches us a few lessons about thickening epoxy for strength and for straight-up thickness, using Milled Glass Fibers to add strength to his mixture and then Silica to actually add the thickness he needs to avoid sagging on his vertical surface. His application doesn’t go as planned and he explains how, but he can save it easily and plans to attack it again with a thicker epoxy mixture to fill in the gaps behind the coosa board. We admire and thank Andy for choosing to share this lesson with us all anyway, keeping us informed, and teaching us about real-life boat repairs and the mistakes that commonly plague even the best of them.

Tune back into Andy’s videos to follow along as he gets back into the trenches of this Bertram restoration series. The boat is a classic that deserves Andy’s attention as well as yours. Give a “thumbs up” to Andy’s video to help it find other boaters looking for great repair content on YouTube. Thanks for watching.

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