Andy From ‘Boatworks Today’ Loves TotalFair

We were thrilled to find this video released a few days ago by YouTube boatwork guru Andy Miller of Boatworks Today. He apparently has been testing our TotalFair behind the scenes, among other TotalBoat products, and he liked it enough to use it on the foredeck of his current project. Andy is in the midst of a big project on a big boat with areas of rotten decking under a teak deck that Andy will be adding.  He removed the existing deck and will lay down a new one, but first, he must patch up the holes left by the old deck he removed. Enter TotalFair. We knew it was perfect for the job, but it’s great that Andy agrees and gave it rave reviews.  

When it comes to filling and fairing, as Andy points out, you have a few options. Thickening epoxy is a versatile option as you have many thickeners to choose from and the possibilities are limitless for varying thickness and consistency, depending on what your project requires. However, a faster and easier option – as suggested by Andy – is to use an epoxy-based fairing compound like TotalFair. TotalFair is unique to other fairing compounds with the super simple 1:1 mixing ratio and the smart yellow + blue = green color blending. When you have one solid, green color without swirls of either blue or yellow – you’re ready to go!

Andy seems to have appreciated this feature and our forgiving formula which is hard to screw up. It’s easy to apply with spreaders or putty knives and even better, it’s easy to sand after it has set up and hardened.

Watch Andy’s video and see what you think. Around our own workshops we find many uses for TotalFair – from filling fiberglass damage dings and dents to skimming over entire areas of new fiberglass, and even adding shape or an angle to an area that requires such treatment.

Try it out and let us know what you think. We are pretty certain that you won’t be disappointed, just like pro boatbuilder, Andy Miller. Thanks to Andy and thanks to you for reading.

Check out Andy’s YouTube channel for lots of boat work advice, methods, and product tips. He’s got a wealth of knowledge and we are grateful that TotalBoat is part of his boat repair kit.

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