An Introduction to Dory Designs and Plans With Louis Sauzedde

We know you are counting down the days until Lou and the next great boat building project and video series get underway. We are too, and to prime you for the occasion, we give you this little overview from Lou of dory designs. As he pours over many popular dory designs already penned, he considers what’s most useful from each one and might “borrow” a little design feature from a bunch of the different loftings. From this research and introspective, Lou has dreamed up what will be necessary to build the perfect dory. 

As Lou contemplates his next Dory build, there is a lot to take into consideration. How will the boat be used? Will it have an engine or not? Even the rudder configuration is being rethought, and as one might expect from Lou by now, and he’s likely to throw conventional rudders to the wind and look towards sculling with an oar that will be on board for rowing the dory. A sailing rig seems likely as well, and with all of these unique Lou features, the TotalBoat Sport Dory will be imagined and then, before your viewing eyes, she will be born.

The full series should begin in a few short weeks with the regular Friday morning (Eastern Time) delivery that you had become accustomed to with the TotalBoat Skiff series. We hope you’ll like it and share it with your friends. And of course we really hope you’ll be inspired enough to take on your own boat building project. And TotalBoat products, customer support and videos will be here for you to help you along every step of the way!

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