Adding Non-Skid to Gelcoat With Boatworks Today

Andy Miller is continuing to use his time quarantined in his shop providing extra springtime launch tips for boaters who might also be putting this time to good use. Today he gives some advice on how to add non-skid to your gelcoat. He experiments with a few different ways that non-skid additives can be used with thickened gelcoat and even without adding any of the Soft Sand texture particles.  Always offering some extra tips, Andy finds that gelcoat is harder and more scratch-resistant than using typical tread paint. Looking for the best grip and resistance and excellent durability, Andy compares two great ways to change the look and feel of your tired non-skid decks. Enjoy Andy’s latest video!

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If I only have waxed gelcoat and want to skip an extra trip to the store, not to mention buying extra materials I may not use completely, I was wondering if the following would work. I have a bit of extra polyester resin. Could I lay down a thin coat of polyester resin, and spread the soft sand on that, then after it cures , put a coat of waxed gelcoat over that?

Justin O'Brien

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