Acorn to Arabella & The Sea Dreamer Project: The Keels

The backyard boat shops of the SeaDreamer and Arabella builders have been busy with heavy work. And by heavy, we mean laden with tons (literally) of lead and laminated wood pieces. Scott Smith of the Sea Dreamer Project and Steve and Alix from Acorn to Arabella have been doing some hard thinking about what goes under their respective boats. Getting the keel right is paramount to success, and as Steve puts it in his video, their first time ever lofting and laying up these various pieces is a bit stressful because sometime soon they will all have to meet up, but are being built separately.

Catch up with their latest videos which get into the details of how they are tackling this very important step in their builds. After all, what’s more important than what’s under the boat? Not much, we think. See what these clever builders do to get their keels in order by watching these 2 recent videos. 

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