Acorn to Arabella: Steaming & Laminating Timbers

The response was overwhelming with admiration and awe for the backyard boatbuilders, Steve and Alix, from the Acorn to Arabella video series. We thought you might love another episode of Acorn to Arabella, as we take another break to let Louis and his video team get caught up.  As Steve and Alix pour over drawings of their yacht, they are taking their time in deciding how to best arrange and laminate the timbers that will eventually make up the forefoot. By steaming and laminating these timbers, they make the best use of the wood, keeping the longest pieces in the most important part of their stem – the bow.

Since our last post about Steve and Alix and their video of their first year and a half of backyard boatbuilding, the dynamic duo got lots done, so there are a bunch of great videos to watch leading up to this point that we bring you to today. Steve, for having never built a boat in his short life, seems to have massive knowledge and understanding not only of boat building but also of the intricacies of working with wood. It’s a pleasure to listen to his relaxed, easy explanations and he takes the time to give details that are useful and concise.

Take some time and check out the full episode list of Acorn to Arabella‘s boatbuilding to date. For two young men with a lofty dream and little know-how, they have an impressive start to not only their boatbuilding but also to their video creation. We are happy to be able to bring you to their boat shop in Western Mass.

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