Acorn to Arabella: Sealing & Varnishing Wood

Finally, it’s time to begin preparing wood for the installation of Arabella’s knees and the clamp. Steve reached out to inquire about the best finish for the interior wood down below on Arabella, and we know satin finishes are pretty standard for use below decks.  We also heard that Steve could use some varnish lessons before applying the bling coats that will be needed on deck, so we set him up with TotalBoat Wood Sealer for the first few coats, followed up by Gleam Varnish – first using gloss to build coats, and finishing with a top 1-2 coats of Gleam Satin varnish. The result should be a silky smooth finish that accentuates the grain and doesn’t glare at you with high gloss. It disappears into your interior and looks great! Check out their progress in the latest video and make sure to subscribe to follow this build all the way to the ocean!

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