Acorn to Arabella: Sealing the Frames With TotalBoat Danish Teak Sealer

Progress is steady in the Massachusetts backyard boat shop where Arabella is steadily looking more and more ‘yachty’ by the day. With every frame that is installed comes an easier view of the long sweeping sides that will soon bear planks. But before planking can begin, this boatbuilding and video making duo must first prepare and install the remaining frames which involve several steps, even though the hard part of steaming and bending them into shape is done.  

We were pleased that Steve and Alix came to us for TotalBoat’s Teak Sealer to get the job done on the frames. Sealing them with a coat of Danish Teak Sealer is just one step required before the bent frames can be permanently fastened in place. Their respective socket gets cleaned up and is also sealed with Pettit Unepoxy antifouling paint. Applying a couple of coats of a non-ablative, hard bottom paint will be a great primer for softer, ablative bottom paint.

Tune into the most recent Acorn to Arabella video to see how the guys process each frame before they are permanently attached.  Also, be sure to check out the most recent commemorative t-shirt campaign which will help fund the costs of the upcoming systems that will need to be installed in Arabella once her hull is planked. The boys have launched a newly revised logo depicting the gaff-rigged Ingrid, called Stormy Petrel by Atkin. You can purchase one of these cool tees by clicking the following link: Every sale supports the boatbuilding efforts of Alix and Steve.

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