Acorn to Arabella: Sawn Frames and the Stern

In the Acorn to Arabella backyard boat shop, Alix and Steve are working diligently on their Atkins ketch, Arabella, in advance of the cooler weather that is rolling in soon. While Alix is working on the sawn frames in the stern of Arabella, Steve and another handy visitor Ahmed, put up the cedar rack so that they can take all the planking cedar out of the garage. This will make it easier to sort through as they work on planking and is also a great way to store cedar, keeping it relatively dry even when it rains because of all the airflow between the boards.

They then finish up by installing the sawn frames in the stern with their respective bronze floors and that means all the frames are in Arabella that can be at the moment. There will only be seven sets that will need to be steamed in after the planking once they take the molds out. Step into their backyard boat shop and check out their progress.

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