Acorn to Arabella: Planking with a Twist

Plank on! Plank off! Such is the story of this week’s video with Steve and Alix from Acorn to Arabella.  Now that the team is planking their Atkins ketch, Arabella, they are yet again in unknown territory as they learn the intricacies of this important step. It took one snapped oak plank to realize that the time has come to steam bend their next planks that have a lot more twist in the aft end.  They had gotten away without steaming a few of the early oak planks with a straighter run from bow to stern. The oak they are using is not totally dried and is very pliable which has allowed them to attach those first planks without steam bending them but the time has come to revisit the steaming box they came to love during the building of Arabella’s frames.

Check out their progress on the boat, meet some of their fans who have stopped by to pay a visit, and soak up more of the Steve and Alix calmness that is their signature boatbuilding character – these two cannot be rattled or deterred. Keep up with their progress on the boat by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

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