Acorn to Arabella: Installing the Last Oak Broadstrakes

The boatbuilding filmmakers from Acorn to Arabella, Alix and Steve, have discovered that planking can be a bit of a challenge. They are learning to plank with some of the toughest pieces to fit onto the frames, and each of the oak planks has its intricacies.  The plank has to fit well fore and aft, and the bevels have to match so that they can put in a good bead of cotton caulking. The challenge is made even more difficult thanks to the thick, unruly oak planks. Witness more of their determination and progress, both of which are impressive and, at this point, expected from these dedicated TotalBoat Ambassadors.
Once they finish these last broadstrakes, which are the last of the oak planks, they will be planking with cedar which is likely going to be much easier to work with, thanks to the softer characteristics of cedar.  The boys are ready for some easier work and will move quickly once they make it through these last oak timbers. Arabella will be a solid, well-planned build that they will need for world exploration – just another part of this Arabella adventure that we can all look forward to watching! Enjoy!

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