Acorn to Arabella: Glue Failure Problems

Alix and Steve of Acorn to Arabella are attempting to glue together the longer boards for their next step of planking Arabella. But, an unforeseen hiccup has stopped their progress and made them question their processes up to now. With a project like this, there are always going to be ups and downs. The key is trying to stay upbeat and find a way around the road bumps. The “Acorns” were slowed down this summer by the unexpected work of figuring out the prop shaft assembly. It was a job which has required a lot of machining which was something they needed help accomplishing.

Now that they are back to the planking, they have discovered another issue.  The Resorcinol glue they bought for the planking this summer turned out to have gone bad, and now they are experiencing glue failures on planks they had been planning to install on the boat this week. The setback means they have time to really consider if Resorcinol was the right glue to use for the planks and planking process. They called up the TotalBoat Tech Team who sent out a few other options that they will test and explore as they decide it’s worth the extra time to find and use the right adhesive

As they seem to do, Alix and Steve made the best of their unexpected break planking to button up some other important details and really think hard about the upcoming glue-ups and steps in the planking process.

Enjoy today’s video!

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