Acorn to Arabella: Boat Treasures From The Past

We’re back in Western Mass with Alix and Steve, the motived boatbuilding duo from Acorn to Arabella who are building their “dream boat,” an Atkins ketch, to be named, of course, Arabella. We loved their latest episodes, wherein they pick apart their newly acquired, tired old Atkins sailboat, Victoria. After carting her back to their post in Granby, they take us on a tour of the bits and pieces of bronze aboard the old beauty and explain what they’ll keep and install on their new boat when she’s done. 

Come aboard Victoria with Steve and Alix and enjoy seeing them as they imagine their new boat sporting all the treasures they’ve inherited from Victoria. Fittingly, they decide to even repurpose the name sign for Victoria, using her name for their dinghy, where they can rehang the name plaque on her transom.

We love the wide range of understanding and expertise these 2 display from felling Steve’s grandfather’s tree to be used for Arabella’s mast in the episode that follows this one, to recognizing the odd bits of bronze and their duty onboard, from swim steps to turnbuckles, binnacles, and even an old sextant!

Lou will be back next week, but we’re sure you won’t mind a trip back to see these boys and follow along in their epic boatbuilding journey as well. Enjoy!

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