A Fiberglass Fix for the Foredeck

Andy Miller is back on the foredeck of his Bertram Moppie that is in the midst of it’s second (or more) restoration. Andy is an expert and he knows enough to have doubts about the structural integrity of the deck surrounding the forward hatch. The best repair is one that will last for the rest of this classic boat’s life, and Andy counts on a few layers of 1708 biaxial mat fiberglass to make sure the deck is rock solid. Using our TotalBoat Laminating Polyester Resin, Andy lays a nice, thick coat on the prepared deck and lets the 1708 soak it up, using a squeegee to move the resin around underneath and make certain that every inch of the glass is saturated. To Andy’s surprise, this method has really beefed up the foredeck and his next layer can now be some TotalBoat gelcoat which will help the Polyresin cure properly.  Check out Andy’s progress in today’s video of the week! 

We don’t attribute Andy’s success on this foredeck job to “dumb luck.” Andy’s experience allows him to think fast and make appropriate adjustments when he’s ordered the wrong gelcoat (needed wax in it so it would cure and so the Polyresin would cure).  His near mistake points out that preparation is key before you start your project – having all the right materials and tools and knowing your process will help to ensure a perfect result.   If you’re not sure what you need to succeed with your project, the TotalBoat Tech team is available to advise you on the proper processes and products to help you get the job done right. Call us Monday-Friday at 800-497-0010 and we will do our best to help you be successful!  Thanks for watching.

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