Peter Brown Shows Love For TotalBoat Epoxy Products

Peter Brown is a confessed woodworking crazyman. According to his own description his work and videos on his YouTube Channel are “one part woodworking and one part crazy. I‘ll try my best to make something interesting. This is just for fun,” he proclaims. We were thrilled to find that Peter is making lots of cool things using epoxy resin, and namely – TotalBoat’s 5:1 Traditional Epoxy Kits! And he likes it! Which gives us some serious bragging rights. 

He has lots to offer the woodworking enthusiast, hobbyist or even a seasoned tinkerer… and we think if you spend some time on his channel you will find a few things worthy of not only your time watching – but then getting dusty building it in your own workshop. And please, be like Peter and use our epoxies.

We are epoxy resin PROS and to prove it: check out our extensive epoxy product line. We have both clear hardener for the 5:1 system, a tropical hardener that’s nice and SLOW, and our newer High Performance 2:1 epoxy kits with slow, medium and fast hardener. Then there’s the Penetrating Epoxy, (we even have a cold weather formula), epoxy resin for table tops and bar tops, and thickened epoxy in tubes that we love using (so do our customers): THIXO in many flavors, and our popular flexible Thixo Flex. Which brings us to our FlexEpox – a flexible epoxy, and even Underwater Epoxy!

See what Peter Brown is up to in this video and let us know what cool things you make with your resins!

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