Epoxy in the Workshop: Building an Arctic Resin Table

Peter Brown, the YouTube superstar videographer and Shop Time Channel creator, was seeking out an epoxy to help him complete his “Arctic Resin Table,” and we were hopeful that he would choose our TotalBoat Table Top Epoxy Resin. And he did! After a few pours of Table Top Epoxy, he fesses up to doing some things right and some things wrong – and then he nailed it!  

Peter is no stranger to using our epoxy. He built a micarta stopwatch out of denim and used our epoxy. He’s a master of turning wood and using epoxy. He dips things in resin, he paints with epoxy and he makes translucent lamps and he’s not afraid to do it all on camera – mistakes and all. There is always something to learn from Peter and we are proud that he chooses our resin over competitors time and time again.

We knew resins were crafty and can be used structurally for boat building, for bonding, and of course for repair – but we have been delighted to discover the myriad of ways that our customers are using our epoxies, and are succeeding with experimental projects that are really different and very cool.

We loved how Peter’s video showed the amazing self-leveling properties of our Table Top Epoxy twice in the video.

Now, this doesn’t assume you’re going to run out and pour an Arctic Resin Table, but the video might inspire you in other ways for other projects, or might spark an idea which you hadn’t considered. In any case, it’s entertaining to watch people learn by doing, and Peter Brown has something to offer everyone with a workshop and a dream: encouragement and how-to resources. To augment what Peter offers, you can always call our TotalBoat Tech Help Hotline during business hours. (800-497-0010) They are always ready for your call!

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