About Us

Our Story


We love making stuff for people who love making stuff.

Since 2012, we’ve been making the highest quality marine-grade products money can buy. What started out as a handful of durable repair products for hands-on DIY boaters has grown to include a range of expert solutions for makers of all kinds, from seascape artists to inland woodworkers. It’s been an evolution and education. One we wouldn’t trade for the world.


Our products are better because we make them that way.

As boaters and DIYers, we understand you need projects to go smoothly. That’s why we’re constantly finding ways to make our original products better, easier to use, more sustainable, and less expensive. We even tinker with packaging from time to time to make it more user friendly. Our real world know-how is what separates us from the giant chemical conglomerates and sets our stuff apart.

Afford the best.

Part of what we do is to craft, test, and refine to guarantee the durability, quality, and safety of everything we make. Once that’s been done, we then sell directly to consumers so we can deliver great value. The fact that our homegrown products have won multiple awards and outperformed the competition several times over is proof that what we’re doing is working.

Keep talking, please.

Our success is due entirely to our customers. As the ones getting their hands dirty using our products, they’re best equipped to tell us what problems they need solving and where we can improve. Their feedback is instrumental to our R&D process. In fact, some of our greatest innovations have come directly from listening to user suggestions, so thanks for the feedback. Please keep it coming.

Let’s put it to the test.

We put everything we do to the test. Tests, plural, actually.

The TotalBoat Shop: This is where all our product poking, prodding, testing and R&D goes down.

The Ocean: When the word “ocean” is in your state motto, it pretty much says ideal proving ground. And while we absolutely use the waters around Bristol, RI as just that, we love teaming up with marine experts, academia, and other users around the globe who test our stuff in their local conditions.

The Feedback: We use beta testers, online forums, surveys, and other customer feedback channels to create and improve products that solve their project needs.

The Craft: Like our customers, we’re Makers. Working on our own crafts is how this whole thing got started. So, testing our products on a wide range of projects is just what we do.

The Ambassadors: We partner with a handful of lucky Makers who use our stuff regularly. They provide critical pre- and post-launch feedback on new products to help us make them more perfect.

TotalBoat Labs: This is our newly developed community space and testing lab. It’s where Makers come to make, and where we experiment with and perfect new products.

We have your back.

Our customers need us as much as we need them. That’s why we offer a myriad of support through email, phone, DM, and live chat, and regularly create how-to videos, informative blog posts, and tutorials. We even host regular ‘Shop Nights’ in Narwhal Labs, offering expert instruction on our products, and access to tools from hand blocks to laser cutters.

If you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you a replacement product or a full refund.


Your project is our project.

Our goal is simple: provide the best tools and inspiration for every craftsman to succeed. That’s it. Getting there is a different story. One that’s been evolving for over 35 years and will continue to evolve. As DIY-ers ourselves, we know that having the right tools can be the difference between making something great or something okay. We err on the side of great because just okay is never okay.

Our Formula for Success:


Our customers have a lot to say. LISTENING and satisfying their needs and understanding what they want is critical to our growth and impacts our ability to always provide them the right products.


From site content, to product labels to our internal processes, we keep things SIMPLE. If it’s easy for us to understand, it’s easy for our customers, as well.


Success depend on us always IMPROVING. When you stop moving forward, complacency and irrelevancy set in. And that’s no good for our customers, employees, or anyone.

Have Fun

We work diligently as a team, laugh heartily as a family, and don’t take ourselves or what we do too seriously. Keeping things FUN is the cornerstone of our success.

Never Say Die

Whether it’s with innovative content, product upgrades, or our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we always walk that EXTRA MILE to finish what we started


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